Thursday, March 1, 2012

3D Thursday #1: Wyvern from Star Battalion

Back in 2010 I published my first game with Gameloft NY. It was called 'Star Battalion' and it was 3D Space shooter for iOS. It was a lot of fun to work on with one of the real highlights of the process was making a 3D printed version of the Wyvern. There were 4 models of the Wyvern made, we had a zBrush version made in Hong Kong, the in game low res version and yet another high res version made for the Box and the intro Cinematic. Since I was the art lead for the actual game I feel like this one is the most 'canonical'. The Design aesthetics were meant to be rooted more in 80's shmups and modern military hardware. I think a lot of the forms are pretty nice and it was a fun model to make. The following images are all screen caps out of maya, not the nicest renders but I think you can really see the shapes well. Enjoy!

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