Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2D Tuesday #5: There Be Dragons

When I was a younger man I played a lot of D&D, except without rules, or dice, or a plan. I guess I just liked dragons  and beholders and all the fun stuff that was packed into the books. That and the constant imagination stretching. Anyways here's a small tribute to that time in my life. This is technically a half a speed painting, it's not really finished, but I think I'm happy enough to show it. This is also the first thing I have completed on my new Intuos5 and with the PS6 Beta. Good times.


  1. Oh... that takes me back too! Good stuff Josh

  2. Love it! I remember the first time I was a DM, I was 9 or 10... I told my friend his first level magic user blew up an entire mound of lizard men with a magic missile spell ... Screw the rules! (this is Patrick, by the way :) )